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The Mystery of Animals

The permanent exhibition - The Mystery of Animals - is a brand new prime expo, whose explanatory notes are refined, accurate and scholarly and whose items on display were delicately produced with perfection, definitely conspicuous, entertaining, engaging, informative, science-based, inspiring, sustainable and modern. The Mystery of Animals incarnates the innovative ideas of the designers and, in its artistic form, has adopted post-modern languages and pop style techniques, achieving the consummate integration between science and art and leading the viewers to attain aesthetic ecstasy. Discarding the traditional approach which arranges the items according to their zoological classification, the exhibition elaborates on the fine adaptation of animals in line with their morphological, physiological, and behavioral characteristics, successfully opens up to the viewers the themes of survival and propagation, and realizes the goal of improving the awareness to preserve animals and carrying out education for all-round development by cultivating the viewers’ interest in exploring the mystery of animals. The zoological knowledge incorporated in the exhibition is quite comprehensive, expounding not only the adaptation of animals in various typical habitats to the surroundings and their active adaptive behaviors such as dormancy and migration, but also the animals’ daily activities, the relationships between the animals, and the animals’ movement, feelings, foraging, defense and propagation. The knowledge is delivered especially to arouse the viewers’ interest and fascinating zoological information is abundant. The exhibition’s design has integrated many fun and educational games, for example, the Birds’ Twitter and the Growth of a Mullet have both adopted the modern exhibition techniques. The touch screen equipments have utilized the multimedia to present the interesting topics of the Mystery of Animals’ Survival, the Mystery of Animals’ Propagation, the Food Chains, the Story behind the Forest Fire and the Animal Champions. As a matter of course, the most intriguing topics are about the animals’ movement and their flaunty courtship and to better transmit these topics, the exhibition broadly takes advantage of the extraordinary visual surprises the color TVs can provide with their brilliant representation capability, demonstrates the scientific knowledge of the animals’ various movements and wonderful courtship dances and offers aesthetic enjoyment to purify and sublimate the viewers’ spirits. The animal specimens in the Mystery of Animals are all carefully selected choice pieces in the museum’s collections and a number of them have just been produced recently with the avant garde biological plasticizing technique. One of the most prominent features of the exhibition is that it involves many animal ecological landscapes that the animals’ habitats are vividly reproduced with the realistic polar, desert and other simulative installations.

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