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The Beauty of Animals

"The Beauty of Animals – Exhibition of World Animal Specimens Donated by Kenneth E. Behring”, based upon the rare animal specimens from around the world donated by Kenneth E. Behring, reproduces the wildlife habitats and, with the help of Chinese and English drawing boards and various novel modern display techniques, presents the life-like typical wildlife species in African, North America, and Eurasia, and gives a comprehensive display of the beauty of animals. The exhibition is comprised of three parts, namely, the open and unrestrained African countries, the unfathomably incomprehensible North American forests and the unexploited wild North Eurasian ice world. The exhibition adopts ultra slim creeping and scrolling showcases and, for the first time, uses complete Chinese and English bilingual texts in the explanatory notes. The exhibition, by employing such design elements as space, color and shape and such modern display techniques as natural restoration, artistic recapitulation and interactive inspiration, reveals the complex geological animal species and their habitats in a way that embodies the harmonious coexistence of human beings and animals. More than ten interactive exhibition programs have applied novel display techniques and, in particular, the employment of audio, light, electronic techniques and multimedia equipments has enhanced the technological content of the exhibition and enriched the exhibition means and its enjoyment and viewable value. Those techniques have accomplished such treats as flying butterflies made of special materials, the animal sound world made with three dimensional techniques, the recognition of animal foot prints, and the touchable animal furs, all of which engaged the viewers to feel the animal kingdoms and get familiar with them pleasantly. Kenneth E. Behring, the founder and chairman of World Wheelchair Foundation and a director of the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, was born in 1928 in Wisconsin, the United States. His family was poor when he was young, but by virtue of persistent efforts, he became a successful businessman and investor starting from scratch in the automotive industry. Mr. Behring, a caring philanthropist, founded in 2000 the World Wheelchair Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable groups throughout the world and opened up a new chapter of his philanthropy career. Mr. Behring has collected and manufactured a lot of animal specimens around the world and, when he became advanced in age, he decided to donate a number of animal specimens to Beijing Museum of Natural History for reservation and display. These realistic wildlife specimens produced with advanced technologies, together with the vivid simulative backgrounds, have delivered a strong visual impact on the viewers and created a deep resonance.

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